XLTH; Extra Low Temperature Heating
Indoor Unit Systems: ASUG09-12-15LZAH1, ASUG09-12-15LZBH1 Indoor Unit Systems: ASUH09-12LMAH1 Indoor Unit Systems: ASU18RLXFWH Indoor Unit Systems: ASU24-30RLXFWH


LZBH1 Series
Cooling9,000 BTU/h
Heating12,000 BTU/h
Cooling12,000 BTU/h
Heating16,000 BTU/h
Cooling14,500 BTU/h
Heating18,000 BTU/h
LMAH1 Series
Cooling11,500 BTU/h
Heating16,000 BTU/h
Cooling13,300 BTU/h
Heating19,100 BTU/h
Cooling12,000 BTU/h
Heating14,000 BTU/h
Cooling9,000 BTU/h
Heating12,000 BTU/h
9RLS3YH (Retired)
Cooling12,000 BTU/h
Heating16,000 BTU/h
12RLS3YH (Retired)
Cooling14,500 BTU/h
Heating18,000 BTU/h
15RLS3YH (Retired)
Cooling18,000 BTU/h
Heating21,600 BTU/h
Cooling22,000 BTU/h
Heating25,200 BTU/h
Cooling30,000 BTU/h
Heating32,000 BTU/h
LZAH1 Series(Retired)
Cooling9,000 BTU/h
Heating12,000 BTU/h
Cooling12,000 BTU/h
Heating16,000 BTU/h
Cooling14,500 BTU/h
Heating18,000 BTU/h


As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about a home’s HVAC system can have a big effect on utility bills — and comfort. Our XLTH Systems are among the most efficient mini-splits in North America, with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings of up to 33.1-SEER.

These systems are packed with features specifically created to save you money - like Energy Saving Program, or ESP, a programmable remote control and inverter technology.

Operation From Anywhere

With the addition of optional Wi-Fi Adapter UTY-TFSXH4, the LZBS1 and LZBH1 series can be controlled from anywhere using the AIRSTAGE Mobile app.

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Base Freeze Prevention

XLTH outdoor models are equipped with a base pan heater that prevents condensate from freezing. The contoured base design discharges melted water through drain holes. Without a heater, freezing condensate can cause noise, damage to fan blades, condenser, and reduce system performance.

Powerful Heating Down to -15°F Outdoor Temperatures

Heating capacity at low outdoor temperatures was improved by adopting a large heat exchanger and a high capacity compressor. Rated heating capacity is maintained up to 20°F. This new model can operate down to -15°F.

Programmable Remote

Weekly timer can be easily set by wireless remote controller. ON, OFF can be set up to 4 times in one day and up to 28 times in one week. For other modes, program timer and sleep timer can also be selected by pushing a single button.

Quiet Operation

Ductless heat pumps and air conditioners are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, allowing for a peaceful inside environment by enabling components like compressors and motors outdoors to be installed outside.

Highly Efficient

Since mini splits have little to no ducting, they forego those energy losses typically associated central forced-air systems. Duct losses can easily account for more than 30% of energy consumption, especially if the ducts are not sealed tight or in an unconditioned space such as an attic or crawlspace. With ratings as high as 33.1-SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), our XLTH systems are among the highest rated efficiency equipment available anywhere!

Inverter Technology

Through advanced technology, Inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional units. They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation, and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners.

The Inverter component allows the outdoor unit to vary its speed and output to match the required capacity of the indoor unit. Thus, the Inverter model can achieve 30% more operating efficiency than conventional models and therefore, is much less expensive to run.

Other Standard Features Include:

Wireless Remote Control
Sleep Timer: Automatically adjusts the temperature while you sleep to make you more comfortable.
Sleep Timer
Weekly Timer: Allows you to set on/off time twice a day and a different on/off time by day.
Weekly Timer
Dry Mode: Allows for moisture removal in low load conditions of up to 50% of rated moisture removal capacity.
Dry Mode
Auto Louver: Up/Down: Redirects airflow automatically with seven position up and down motion which can be set to auto swing.
Auto Louver
Automatic air flow adjustment: The micro-computer automatically adjusts the air flow effectively to follow the changes of room temperature.
Auto Mode
Quiet Mode (Indoor Unit): An extra quiet fan speed to make sure you are not disturbed.
Quiet Mode
Economy Mode: Thermostat setting automatically changes according to the temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling and heating.
Economy Mode
Limits compressor and fan speed during high speed operation for a 3 dB noise reduction.
Low Noise Mode (Outdoor)
Program timer: This digital timer allows selection of one of four options:ON, OFF, ON → OFF or OFF → ON.
Program Timer
Auto Restart/Reset: Following a power failure, systems will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, once power has been restored.
Auto Restart/Reset
Auto restart: In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, once the power supply is restored.
Auto Changeover*
Low Ambient Cooling: Can operate in cooling mode even when outdoor ambient is 0°F, 14°F or 32°F, depending on model, without modification. Operation outside of factory specification is not recommended.
Low Ambient
Apple Catechin Filter (polyphenol ingredient from apples): Dust, mold spores and microorganisms are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity and growth is inhibited and deactivated. 3 - 12 month life expectancy, depending on environment.
Apple Catechin Filter
Ion Deodorizing Filter: Deodorizes by decomposing absorbed odors using the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions generated by fine ceramic particles. 3 year life expectancy. Wash to restore surface action.
Ion Deodorizing Filter
Minimum Heat Mode: Sets room temperature to 50°F, keeping temperatures above freezing and reducing power consumption.
Minimum Heat (50°F/10°C)
Powerful Operation: 20 minutes of continuous operation at maximum airflow and maximum compressor speed. Rapid cooling and heating makes the room comfortable quickly.
Powerful Operation Mode

* Auto Changeover (Heating to Cooling or Vice Versa):
automatically alternates between heating or cooling if the room temperature falls 4°F below the set temperature when cooling or rises 4°F above set temperature when heating. Auto changeover is not designed to provide rapid changes between heating and cooling operation or simultaneous heating and cooling.
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