Indoor Unit Systems: ADUH09LUAS1, ADUH12LUAS1, ADUH18LUAS1


Cooling9,000 BTU/h
Heating12,000 BTU/h
Cooling12,000 BTU/h
Heating16,000 BTU/h
Cooling17,100 BTU/h
Heating21,600 BTU/h


High energy efficiency

- High energy efficiency of SEER 22.5 and HSPF 12.5 is achieved by 09 model.

- Registered for year 2020 ESME

- Clear the NEEP standard for rebate. (e.g. Vermont and Nova Scotia)

High durability

High durability of indoor unit is achieved by using HCRC (High Corrosion Resistant Copper) for the indoor unit heat exchanger.

Through accelerated lab tests, testing has proven to show that HCRC (High Corrosion Resistant Copper) is resilient and stronger than the standard and Oxygen-Free Copper when exposed to corrosive environments.

High durability

Multiple controller options available

Wireless remote controller

Wireless remote controller

Wired remote controller

Wired remote controller

Simple remote controller

Simple remote controller

Flexible Installation

All systems feature high efficiencies and are ENERGY STAR® Qualified, meaning lower utility bills for home and business owners.

The Benefits of a Mini-Split in a Concealed Design

Slim Duct

Built-in drain pump allows for installation of slim duct unit in smaller spaces than traditional units.

Smart System: Auto Mode

When the system is initially turned on, the fan speed is HIGH to reach the set temperature as quickly as possible. The fan speed will automatically adjust downward as the room begins to reach the set temperature.

Humidity Control

This system features Dry Mode, which helps to control humidity levels, even when cooling may not be needed.

Other Standard Features Include:

Auto Restart/Reset: Following a power failure, systems will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, once power has been restored.
Auto Restart/Reset
Auto restart: In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, once the power supply is restored.
Auto Changeover
Cold Prevention: Indoor coil will warm prior to fan operating, preventing cold air during heating mode.
Cold Prevention
Low Ambient Cooling: Can operate in cooling mode even when outdoor ambient is 0°F, 14°F or 32°F, depending on model, without modification. Operation outside of factory specification is not recommended.
Low Ambient
Economy Mode: Thermostat setting automatically changes according to the temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling and heating.
Economy Mode
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