AIRSTAGE VRF Systems VU-V Series


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Wide range outdoor unit lineup (Single Module)

Line up range 6 to 16 Tons

6/8 Tons, 10 Ton, 12/14/16 Tons

Wide range outdoor unit lineup (Combination)

Combination capacity range up to 36 Tons

Expanded combination lineup

Reduce the number of outdoor units in multi system

1 system, 36Tons

This outdoor unit can be designed in one system up to 36 Tons, which means that it can be designed in one system instead of two systems.

Traditional Model 6+10 Tons, New VU-V models 16 Tons, Installation space  - 26%

Up to 16 Tons can be built in a single module, reducing installation space and product cost.

Choose the operation that best suits your living environment

HP and HR systems can be selected for the same product. You can select the most suitable system according to the application of your property.

Heat Pump System


We provide heat pumps that can reduce the initial cost of RB units and connecting pipes for properties that have the same air conditioning load for each area and are used in the same operation mode throughout the year.

Heat Recovery System


Heat recovery systems are proposed for office buildings where the air conditioning load varies between sun and shade in the middle of the year, and for restaurants/shops and hotels where different areas require different cooling/heating operations.

Wide operatable ambient temperature range

Extended operable ambient temperature enables an offer to different regions with different temperature condition.

Cooling 126℉(52℃), Heating -15℉(-26℃)

High Reliability

Compressor control logic controls the inverter speed to balance the mass airflow rate of refrigerant in each outdoor unit.

Compressor refrigerant volume control balancing refrigerant mass of the system.

Energy saving technology that boosts operation efficiency

The equipment of scroll compressor with a wide range of rotational frequency from 15 to 120 rps together with Fujitsu General’s unique sensorless sine wave control method which smoothly control the input power run into the motor realized a mutual improvement on the energy efficient operation and the low sound operation.

New Scroll compressor

Generous piping guidelines and High static outdoor unit fan

Outdoor unit static pressure is adjustable up to 0.44 in WG (110Pa). This facilitates mechanical room and hood installations.

6/8/10 Tons
Max. 0.32 in. WG (80Pa)
12/14/16 Tons
Max. 0.44 in. WG (110Pa)

Long piping length & High static pressure unit

Long piping length and high static pressure of this outdoor unit make it possible to design and install the unit in a variety of installation cases.

World’s longest total pipe length

3,280 ft. max.

New Scroll compressor

Reduced electrical requirements

Since the MCA value has been reduced from the traditional model, the recommended breaker size can also be reduced.

The equipment cost and wiring cost can be reduced.

Capacity (Ton) Ampere (A)
230V 460V
6 MCA 29.3 17.3
MOP 40.0 20.0
8 MCA 37.7 21.9
MOP 50.0 25.0
10 MCA 43.9 24.9
MOP 60.0 30.0
12 MCA 49.8 29.8
MOP 60.0 35.0
14 MCA 59.8 34.8
MOP 70.0 40.0
16 MCA 71.0 41.5
MOP 80.0 50.0
18 MCA 81.6 46.8
MOP 110.0 55.0
20 MCA 87.8 49.8
MOP 120.0 60.0
22 MCA 93.7 54.7
MOP 120.0 65.0
24 MCA 99.6 59.6
MOP 120.0 70.0
26 MCA 109.6 64.6
MOP 130.0 75.0
28 MCA 119.6 69.6
MOP 140.0 80.0
30 MCA 130.8 76.3
MOP 150.0 90.0
32 MCA 142.0 83.0
MOP 160.0 100.0
34 MCA 143.5 84.5
MOP 180.0 100.0
36 MCA 149.4 89.4
MOP 180.0 105.0

Standard electric base heater

Enhancement in the reliability by electric base heater.

Contoured base design discharges melted water through drain holes

Electric  base heater, Drain Holes

Service and maintenance Window

Newly equipped service window enables an instant access to the PCB switches and quick check on the error indication.

The new service window allows for local settings using 7 seg, Dip-SW settings, etc.